Clicker Foundations

Lemmy had his first Clicker Foundations class on Wednesday the 24th. He did very well, although the class is more about training me than him. We are working on the target stick, food zen, touch and eye contact.

Ocala Shows

We showed in Ocala Friday and Saturday. Second in his class Friday (2 dogs) and first Saturday (only dog) but nothing else. He injured himself last weekend and was on crate rest/leash walks all week. His movement was still a little choppy and short up front. The most important thing is that he had a wonderful time, loved on everyone he met and took all the new experiences (a hotel stay, elevators, stairs, sleeping in bed with me) in stride. I even got some comments on how absolutely wonderful his temperament is.

He also got a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Gerald Johnson and it was amazing to watch. He was very sensitive in his mid-back area and was flinching and twitching the skin. He adjusted his ribs and instantly the twitching and flinching stopped. I will definitely look up Dr. Johnson at future shows.

Lemmy at 9 months

He’s been looking a little bit gangly to me the past week but he’s still coming together nicely. He has wonderful curves, front fill and moderate rear angulation.