Competition obedience week 2

This weeks (dis)obedience class went well, despite my hacking, coughing and generally feeling terrible. We had better attention and less shutting down this week. She still carries on like crazy in the beginning of class when crated, but she isn’t the only one.

Todays high points:
1) In the ring next to us was a person practicing recalls with a young spaniel pup. The owner was extremely animated and running dragging a fur tug. Echo was extremely interested but still managed to sit when asked. She didn’t even try to dislocate my arm in the process.
2) She didnt give up on me even though I was asking her for behaviors she does not know and I could see her getting frustrated. She still tried.

I also came to the realization why luring in to position for starting heel as well as for heeling is failing so miserably for us. Since she was 7.5 weeks old I have drilled into her that she can take food that is offered, but food in a closed hand she needs to back off and sit. In class we are supposed to hold the threat between thumb and finger and let them gnaw at it but not have it as we lead them around. When she tries to get the treat and I don’t let her have it she backs off and sits. Honestly I’d rather keeps this behavior, its better for curbing food stealing from toddlers so I will talk to the instructor about trying something different.

I also realized I don’t have the temperament for formal obedience, as long as she does what I ask her I don’t care if her feet or her butt are crooked.