Dogs and Kids: Don’t Forget Your Magic Treats


When I take the dogs for a walk I’m also taking a gigantic jogging stroller and 30+ lbs of kid so I need to dogs to walk politely. No pulling, no stopping to sniff, no meandering around and tangling the leashes in the wheels. No lunging at other dogs or squirrels (although we do make exceptions for the occasional stupid Southern squirrels who sit 2 ft away). You can see the cup holder on the left is full of Charley Bear treats. These are my Magic Dog Treats. They are used as good dog treats, stupid squirrel treats, interesting jogger treats, scary trash truck treats – getting the picture? Any time we see something super interesting or scary they get treats popped in their mouth constantly. Whenever they make a good decision, like not pulling my arm out of the socket, they also get a treat. What this does is train them when they see something new they should look at me. It only took a few days of repetition for this to work. The first time we saw a huge flock of geese at the pond Dessa looked at them with her eyes bugging out, then looked up at me and sat. I gave her a ton of treats and praise. One morning the trash truck rolled by and stopped right in front of us. We backed up a few feet until the dogs would take treats, and I stuffed them full of treats until the truck drove on. Now they don’t mind the truck. There are so many applications for magic treats – they work for obnoxious barking dogs, bicyclists, golf carts, dead squirrels in the road, etc. I try to never leave the house without a full supply of my Magic treats!