First week of competition obedience workshop

Today was our first beginner novice work group class. Kind of an odd class for us to be in, seeing as how we have zero formal obedience training or aspirations but I wanted to take a class ASAP. With the turmoil of Lemmy leaving I wanted Echo and I to have something to work on together, so for us this is more of a try new things and learn to pay attention with distractions class. The things I am proud of from the first week:
1) ten minutes in she overloaded and shut down. I was able to take her off by herself and work with a tug toy to get her right back on track.
2) she regained focus so well I was able to drop her leash, ask for a sit, take 3-4 steps away from her, drop her tug on the ground and release her. She did this multiple times with 2 other dogs working within 10-15 feet.

Looking forward to next weeks class.