Happy 16th birthday Nemo!!

Our Nemo turned 16 today, quite a feat after being diagnosed with lymphosarcoma 5 months ago. He lost an eye, defeated mast cell cancer, liposarcoma and survived having a 1 lb lipoma removed at 13.5 yrs old. We celebrated with a special birthday meal – in his salad days he used to get a birthday Whopper but as he’s aged we switched to healthier and more digestible treats. I don’t think we have much time left, one of his prescapular nodes has been growing rapidly, about the size of a plum now. He also incontinent, deaf, blind (only sees light/dark) and suffers from dementia. He still does love to eat and so I made him a special dinner in honor of this major milestone.

Today he got a meatloaf cupcake, frosted with beef baby food on a bed of four cheese mashed potatoes surrounded by sardines.

I think he approved.

2 thoughts on “Happy 16th birthday Nemo!!”

  1. Approved, indeed! And he has approved of his home for all of these past years, too.

    Congratulations on the two of you finding each other, on you for making his life here a wonderful one and to Nemo, for giving you the joy only a whippet can give.

    May he have many more birthday dinners.


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