Pre-Breeding Health testing – Dr. Lisa Costello

First you need to do an overall assessment – does this dog really need to be bred? Ovaries and testicles are NOT reasons to breed. Second, look at temperament. The dog should have routine blood work, brucellosis and a parasite screening.

Recommended Tests for Whippets
– Eyes – annually
– BAER hearing test – once in lifetime
– Cardiac auscult and echo – every 1-2 years, prefer annually

Optional tests in Whippets
– Thyroid panel
– Myostatin test  – once in lifetime
– Hips/Patellas/Elbows

I did not take any notes on the Whippet Health Foundation database because I’m a bit fanatical about sending in all of my dogs health info. But I’m going to make a pitch for anyone who isn’t, PLEASE submit your dogs data. It’s easy. It might help someone else, no matter how esoteric the data might be. All of Nemo’s various weird lump biopsies are in there, his lymphoma diagnosis, Echo’s first erroneous cardiac report (which I get to fix after seeing Dr. Stepien!) Please please submit your data, even if you keep meticulous records if they are filed neatly at your house they won’t ever help anyone else. Records are the best ways to avoid RUMORS about health!

Here are instructions if you’ve never been. Click this link: Whippet Health Foundation Database
Click the button that says “Click here to enter Whippet Health Foundation database”
Click “Submit data” to add information
The best part about the WHF database is that every submission is reviewed by an operator so no one can enter info erroneously.