About Us

I live in Northern Florida with my husband, Mark and young son, Gabe. We’ve had whippets since 1997. We moved here in 2008 from Northern VA. We currently share our home with Echo (whippet), Raven (ocicat), Willy (greek tortoise) and 2 tarantulas. We love Florida’s mild winters and it makes up (almost) for the brutal summers. Having a pool helps, especially on those days its too hot to run outside. We can just hop in the pool and throw the dogs in too.


Why Nautilus?
I had been trying to think of a name for years and came up with several, but nothing ever stuck. I have no plans to breed any time soon, but wanted a name I really liked. I also wanted something that involved my first whippet Nemo, even though he was never shown, coursed or bred he’s the reason I love whippets. So while trying to think of something that included him, I was pondering his name. He was pre-Finding Nemo and was named after Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We had a friend that always called him “The Captain”. So what better name than “Nautilus” which was Captain Nemo’s submarine. It also ties in the area we live in and my love of the beach.