Zoey (Wind Vexed)
6/15/01 – 9/13/11

We adopted a retired racer from Greyhound Welfare in Takoma Park, MD. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about adopting a greyhound in the DC Metro area, all of their dogs are in foster homes so they know a good deal about them before they are placed. Zoey is a sweet, sweet dog. She definitely has issues, still to this day she freaks out on tile floors and while going through doorways or hallways with other people.

On 9/3/11 Zoey seemed to have injured her right rear leg. We got up and she wasn’t putting any weight on it. A trip to the vet and several radiographs later they still weren’t sure what the cause was, but she was sent home on Rimadyl and strict rest. She seemed to get better for the first couple of days, then she plateaued. She wasn’t getting worse, but still limping. Unfortunately it turned out to be a partial clot, which turned in to multiple clots late in the evening on 9/13/11. Poor Zoey went completely down in the rear and was in considerable pain. We rushed her to the emegency vet who found that she had no femoral pluses about 2″ from the top of her legs. She had no sensation in either leg. We made the decision to let her go, as there was no treatment that could help her. We miss her very much, and will always remember her silly, happy and sweet personality.