WildAbout Grab Them Cakes (5/16/13 – 9/17/14)

Notorious Poeta Pantera x WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker
Sire: Panther, Notorious Poeta Pantera WRChX SORC-II CD RE MX MXJ ADC AgI AgIJ AV
Dam: Zinfy, WildAbout Spirit of Windwalker CRXVIII OTRM SR
7 generation COI 7.25%

Myostatin status: N/N by default

Dessa is our new addition from WildAbout whippets in Indiana. Adding another dog to our household was tricky, because they needed to be fine with toddlers, other dogs and cats. We considered adopting an adult dog but thought those criteria would be almost impossible to find. Dessa is fitting in very well and is actually more relaxed around the baby than Lemmy. We are hoping her presence helps Lemmy with some of his anxiety issues. She will eventually be enjoying oval racing at the local track.

Unfortunately Dessa will never get a chance to try racing, or coursing or do a million other things I had planned for her. She was lost in a tragic accident in the back yard. She and my other whippet were running, she was looking back at him and he ran her in to a post breaking her neck. I revived her and got her to the vet but they could not save her. She is missed terribly by our whole family and will always live on in our hearts.

4/5/14 Orange Park Kennel Club show – results