Cars aren’t scary

Today’s lesson was short, mainly because its 98 degrees outside and probably 110 in my garage. I took Fayde out with some training treats and a clicker. First I walked out of the garage and around the yard. I waited until I had her attention and asked her to sit, jump and hand target – all good. Then we walked closer to my car. Every step we took closer, I clicked and treated. I opened the front door, click treat. Every time she deliberately looked at or sniffed the car, click treat. She only stopped taking treats once, when I sat in the front seat, so I backed off and we tried again. I was able to open the front and back doors and she checked them out without severe anxiety. I need to do the back door next, because thats where she rides, but I’ll probably do a few more sessions of the side doors until there’s zero anxiety before I move on to that.