Goodbye Nemo

On 11/5/11 we said goodbye to Nemo (Shaldra Mikater Elam), the best damn dog in the world. We adopted him 14 yrs ago just before his second birthday. We were his 5th or 6th home and he came with issues – severe crate anxiety and he didn’t trust people at all. He warmed up to us eventually and became a huge part of our lives. He was there when we bought our first house, when we got married, etc. He was so excited when we got home from our wedding that he ran outside, jumped straight up in the air and grabbed a bird on the wing. It was the best wedding present we received. He was always an odd dog and kept us laughing. He almost blew up our house once scrabbling to eat peanut butter cookies that were cooling on the stove. He turned on a child proof burner and filled the whole first floor with gas. He survived 4 major surgeries after he turned 10, including eye removal, liposarcoma, mast cell cancer and a 1lb lipoma. He was a stoic, tough boy and I learned a ton from him. I thought I was prepared for him to go, especially after he was diagnosed with lymphoma early this year. I knew our time was short, but I was still not ready. I am so grateful and lucky to have had him past his 16th birthday.

He was my first whippet and he will always live in my heart.

His memorial thread on Whippet World:

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Nemo”

  1. Hi Wendy…I came across your website in my favorites and saw your goodbye to Nemo. It brings tears to my eyes. Run free sweet Nemo…..always.

  2. I think about sweet Nemo from time to time. He was so cute and the stories about him always touched me very deeply. I still like to look at photos of him once in a while because he just makes me feel good. I was laughing at the stories about him posted above…LOL about the peanut butter cookie/gas situation. Wow.

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